Social Media Marketing: Beginners guide

Social Media Marketing: Beginners guide11/2/2017

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Social media marketing is the process of marketing goods and services with the help of social media. As per reports, more than 90 percent of the population spends a major share of their time on social media. So for a business or company, it’s easy to expand or market their brand through social media than any other. Kerala, especially Kochi has a huge scope for content marketing through social media platforms. An engaging audience is a key factor in digital content marketing. Let me introduce some most commonly used social media platforms to people.


Twitter is a small news and blog platform where users can write and interact through “tweets”. The contents posted on Twitter are referred as tweets and are limited to 140 characters. Tweets have more marketability in social media, therefore, it is mainly used by politicians, celebrities, companies etc. You might have seen “tweet wars” between people especially politicians, it has a huge reach on every social media platform. (Disclaimer: Stunts are performed by professionals; do not try this at home. ;). So don’t get any ideas on entering into social media wars. You can make use of Twitter if you can write a good peppy one-liner.


Create engaging videos or animations. Upload them on YouTube. Share on other platforms. YouTube is another media that people use all day. YouTube channels let the users upload videos regularly and gain subscribers. YouTube is also a good way of earning provided the contents must be genuine and engaging.


Facebook gives you a lot more freedom in marketing, in fact, Facebook supports and encourages business through their space. That’s why there are varieties of business pages to choose from according to our nature of business in Facebook. In Facebook, we can interact directly with customers and upload free pictures and videos of products or services. We can invite people to like our page and create a directory of people. Share your posts thereby create the infinite chain of business.


Instagram became popular in India very recently only. Insta is a mobile cum desktop based application which allows people to upload photos and videos of small durations. It also allows people to add stories which disappear after 24 hrs. Users can apply different filters to the photos. It allows registered users to connect to other social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter etc. Insta was launched in 2010 which was later absorbed by Facebook.


LinkedIn, unlike others, is a more professional, business and employment social media network. It is preferred by potential employees and employers for job search or sorts. Registered users can upload CVs if they are job seekers and make connections with various employers and companies as per qualification and experiences. Employers use LinkedIn to refer candidates for recruitments as it is trustworthy. LinkedIn has 500 million users all over the world.

Social media marketing strategy has grown faster than any other form ofmarketing strategies in existence. Millions of people use these social network sites daily. In short, social media marketing is a revolutionary strategy that has taken down the old TV and newspaper advertising tactics and shifts it to the online market.