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About Us

The Demo Sienti School Mangement (SSM) is a private coeducational school which offers a full educational program from pre-kindergarten (age 3) through Grade 12. Based on international Best Practices and certification requirements, the school’s curriculum follows the Common Core Educational Standards. The learning program is in English language, student-centered, and includes a wide range of after-school activities and sports. The school year starts on June1 and ends on March 30.

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The Demo SSM operates a selective admissions policy and welcomes applications from students who have high motivation,
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Professional Tutors

Our teachers are qualified and entrusted to bring a wealth of ingenuity and excitement to their classrooms while at the same time contributing to the mission and objectives of the school.

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Results Online

Academic performance of the students are evaluated through Formative and Summative assessments. Their evaluated results will published here.

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Based on Best Practices and accreditation standards in education, the Sienti School of management follows the NCERT/ SCERT Standards.

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Book & Library

The Academy’s library includes a modern approach to its design and takes in to account the recent trends in student


The standards establish guidelines for languages as well as for literacy in history/social studies, science,

Career Guidance

Our School's standards promote the literacy skills of the students and will give career guidance in multiple disciplines.

Online Courses

We offers free online courses and classes and provide the best educational experience and additional support for SSM students.


The following tuition fees are applied for the education of new students.Additional school fees cover optional non-pedagogical

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The Demo SSM operates a selective admissions policy and welcomes applications from students who have

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Navigate through our testimonials as it is the best way to experience of our school.You’ll get the feel of our academic curriculum.

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