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Email marketing is not a new concept by all means, but several businesses are still not grabbing this marketing strategy as well as they should be. There are some queries that come along with email marketing, such as:
- Won't these emails be treated as spam?
- Is it a waste of time?
- Is this strategy going to help my business that much?
Some businesses say that the time they committed to email marketing is not worth for them, that the profits they may earn from this strategy do not even start to pay for the time that they invest. The truth is that when it comes to online marketing, most studies have shown that email marketing does much better than other marketing methods, including the use of social media strategies. However, people claim that email marketing concept no longer remains effective and relevant because of the success of social media marketing strategies.
As these are the misconceptions in this strategy, but Email marketing is still alive and one of the most effective and powerful techniques of online marketing and an excellent way to get connected and engaged with your clients.
First, you must know what email marketing is, before moving towards the reasons explaining why it is a powerful tool for the success of your of Business.
When a person who visits your website and wants to subscribe your mailing list with the aim to keep in touch with you through email is known as email marketing. In email marketing concept, emails are broadly classified into promotional emails or advertising emails and information emails.

• Promotional mails include advertisement mails, newsletters which also promote the brand, offers and so on.

• Information mails include newsletters which are precise and give only information. it also includes transactional emails, and direct emails and so on.

It has several benefits. Although, Email marketing is a great marketing tool however, unfortunately, it seems to have a bad reputation with a few businesses, who fail to understand it fully. Email marketing is also a best way to reach current customers and find new customers. Social media sites do not provide such an opportunity to connect people one-by-one as you can connect through emails. Using email marketing concept, business promotional campaigns can be fine-tuned, while forming a list of people who has genuine interest in whatever you are offering.
Newsletter is one of the perfect ways to remain in touch with your email list. It is an ideal mix of news, relevant information, updates, and special offers about your business which helps to develop customer engagement and enables them to know more about your business.

Tips to Make Your Email Marketing Campaigns Productive

• Add information in your email that is actually interesting and useful.
Make sure your email is filled with lots of valuable information that should be able to captures your reader's interest. Don't try to send emails to your subscribers only with the aim of enhancing your sales. Try to send emails which make them feel special or valued. It will make them fail to stop from hitting the delete button, or unsubscribing from your list.

• Ask for feedback from your readers
Keep asking for opinions, suggestions or feedback from your readers that will enhance your relationship with customers much stronger. All such feedbacks are essential for you to continuously improving your business.

• Provide a visible link for unsubscribing in your email
It might be consider as a negative approach, but the fact is that the concept is a positive one. That is, make your readers feel comfortable and are not being pressurized to do anything like asking to click here and there for further information. Therefore, try to include a link for unsubscribing.

• Try making your email messages mobile friendly
In this technological era, all people are connected each other and they can access their email messages on their mobiles or tablets. Therefore, it is most important to keep a mobile friendly email format to ensure that it can read easily by the subscribers.

• Make exclusive special offers only for your mailing list subscriber
Try to send exclusive special offers to the subscribers to show your gratitude .Make sure those offers are not available anywhere on your website. Such offers are provided to attract your customers and encouraging them to have a long lasting relationship with you will improve your business.

• Targeting the right people to achieve fruitful results
If you keep sending your emails to wrong customers, it will be wastage of time of both, you and the targeted people. So it is important to target the right people to achieve fruitful results.

All of these tips can help you run an effective and very successful email marketing campaign and can achieve best results. Email marketing is one of the online marketing concepts which make the business worthy, strong, cost effective and gives amazing results when used according to your plan. Many huge corporations and businesses have relied on email marketing as a good online marketing tool to market their products, stay in touch with their customers and to increase customer involvement. This does not mean to dismiss the other marketing methods; a healthy marketing plan is one that utilizes various marketing techniques to complete the marketing goals
Email marketing is more or less like a door to door campaign and we do it with more effectively. With effective innovations in email marketing technique, you get to send modified emails to each of your customers and even to targeted customers, hence assuring results. Being one of the best online marketing companies in Cochin, Kerala Sienti Solutions provide you a compact rate of success through exceptional spam filters and candid targeted database, which make the conversion, rate upto 80%. With a few click get your business will get accelerated!